#peel21st Blog Hop: Most Memorable Learning Experience This Fall

I’m pleased to join a group of talented Peel educators in this November submission to the #peel21st blog hop. With winter upon us, what has been your most memorable learning experience this fall? Check out my thoughts below, and be sure to hop on over to the other blog posts listed at the end.   You know those feelings you get when you’re about to start a task with your class that you’ve already done with another class or in […]

Thoughts on Alaska…

Take a moment and think about Alaska. Think about Alaska a hundred years ago. Think about how difficult it would have been to live and settle there; how hard you would need to work for every task. Of course, as the years passed and progress was made, living conditions became easier. People living in Alaska today are reaping the benefits of years of infrastructure development and technological advancements. Of course, the same thing could be said about any location, but […]

I’ll Take a Mulligan

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about redos and retakes in K – 8 school settings. For a few years now, I’ve wrote off a redo as an unrealistic practice and a huge time drain. In the past, whenever kids asked to retake a test or redo an assignment, I viewed this request as their realization that they had not taken the first task seriously enough. They should have focused more and worked harder the first time, and in turn, they would […]

Stand and Deliver

I’ve been watching speeches online for the better part of seven or eight years now. I’ve watched more TED Talks than I’d care to admit, and even though they’ve come under a fair bit of scrutiny and have been rebuffed by some critics,  I still find them enjoyable in small doses.   After watching for so long, a few years ago I decided to make it a goal to one day give my own speech. It didn’t have to be a TED […]

Number Sense Through Number Games

This year, as with most , we’ve decided to start with number sense and numeration for our first math unit. However, unlike most years before this, we’ve decided to approach this first unit, wherever possible, through the use of number games.   I’ve really come to appreciate the way number games (or “math games”) cover math concepts in an approachable and engaging way. Games, by their definition, are a form of play and thus are made for enjoyment. I can […]

Milestone Reached – 1000 Views

Back in June, around my birthday, I came home to find a wonderful gift from my fiancée. She had set up a ‘writing station’ in our office and had purchased the book pictured above for me.   At this point I had been talking about blogging for a while but had taken no actions towards doing so. The book was the clearest sign for me that I had no longer had any excuses keeping me from doing what I said I […]

Start of the Year Updates

When I first started writing in the summer, I set a goal for myself to post three times a week. I told myself that this was something I would continue into the school year. While I still admire the original ambition, I realize now that the goal was just simply not realistic.   I completely forgot just how busy things get with the startup of a new year. As it stands now, I aim to post at least once a […]

Taking the Time for What Matters Most

A week in and already I feel like this clock is ticking in my head. It’s slow right now but I know in a short week or two it’ll seem like it’s slipping away from me.   I’m thinking of assessments and data I need for progress reports. And I’m thinking of the learning and assignments I want to complete or have underway before student-led conferences happen. It all seems like a long way off now, but before you know […]

What do You Bring to the Table?

As some of you know, last week I was downtown at the DMZ listening to EdTech startup presentations. During that visit I had an interesting conversation with a company Co-Founder about what it takes to actually start a startup.   The conversation began with my confusion at the fact that this Co-Founder had no programming experience. I had assumed that any internet based company would be founded only by programmers or at least people who had some background in the […]

Ed Startups to Keep Your Eye On

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend an event showcasing new EdTech startups. The event was held in Toronto at The DMZ at Ryerson, and the EdTech companies were looking for feedback from teachers as they continue to refine their products. The experience was quite exciting for me, as we not only had the chance to see new products, but also got to speak to the CEO’s and founders of the startups.   Aside from the takeaways (which I’ll share […]